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Club Activities at JBS

As of now JBS has the following clubs-

Corporate Presentations Club This club focuses on student presentations pertaining to corporates, in a bid to improve the communication skills of the students as well as their knowledge about the corporate sector.
Business Live Club This club organises Business Plan competitions which attempt to draw participation from all undergraduate students from NCR and other Indian cities.
Corporato This is the Corporate Internship Club of JBS, which focuses on experience sharing amongst the students about their Corporate Internships. The club aims at developing a repository of information/videos which are useful for future MBA students, as they prepare for their internship journey.
Business Quiz As part of the activities of this club, the students organise a Business Quiz on a weekly basis. The club also organises national level competitions, involving students from other Business Schools.
Money Matters This club focuses on Analysis of Financial Statements, functioning of stock markets and derivative markets and discussion on latest trends across the global economy.
Aptitude and Analytical skills This club will focus on enhancing the aptitude of the students and improving their analytical and technical skills.