JBS MBA Program

Emphasis on Fundamentals

The course adopts a multi-dimensional pedagogy that has a blend of theoretical knowledge marinated in the flavours of practical nuances. The program emphasizes on basic concepts through compulsory courses in the first year and integrated core and elective courses from major and minor domains in the second year.

IT Integration

IT applications are offered in all functional areas of the management. There are compulsory courses such Management Information System based on ERP for hands-on learning. Modules like ERP for Supply Chain Management are also integrated with elective courses. IT software packages like SPSS and modules on SAP, along with Industry databases like Ace Equity are integrated in the curriculum to offer best and the latest of the business world to the students.

Outcome Based Education

JBS follows a student centric approach to imparting management education to ensure transparency and focus of class room delivery is sought to be achieved by embedding identified outcomes in each course. The Program Educational Objectives (PEOs), Program Outcomes (POs) and the Course Outcomes (COs) ensure quality education and improve employability quotient among students.

Major and Minor specialisations

Students can opt for a major specialisation across the five areas of Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management, Operations Management and Information Technology and Business Analytics. In addition to this, they can choose a minor specialisation from an available set of multiple options. Jaypee Business School, offers CBCS (Choice Based Credit System)in its MBA Curriculum.

Corporate Internship

Students at JBS undergo a rigorous 8 weeks corporate internship of 4 credits to gain practical knowledge of the career they wish to pursue and get invaluable work experience. Corporate Internship enables students to gain an understanding of the challenges faced by managers in different contexts. In particular, it is important that budding managers of the future understand the implications of different economic, political, social and ecological environments on business sustainability strategies and solutions. It also facilitates the students in testing what they have learnt in the foundation courses in their first year. The internship also provides students an exposure to corporate life. Each student has to submit individual corporate internship report and make presentation before panel of faculty members for its evaluation. There are three components in Corporate Internship report; Industry Analysis, Financial Analysis and Research/Live Project assigned by corporate mentors.

Social Internship

Social internship aims at creating awareness in prospective managers about their responsibility to society and humanity. It sensitizes the students about social issues so that they emerge as socially conscious managers. It includes modular teaching as well as field interaction with NGO of repute. Each student in the program is required to do a social internship for 4 weeks gaining 2 credits. It requires each student to seek out a relevant NGO and work with them to learn about the social issues, activities and finally apply his/her managerial learning to improve the effectiveness of the NGO.

Personality Development

JBS curriculum is designed for holistic development of students, both at individual and group levels. The learning schedule includes time for self study, group study and developmental activities like functional clubs, competitions, presentations, case studies etc. to boost self confidence and motivation.

Employability Skill Enhancement Courses

Students at JBS have to go through four compulsory courses on self management, analytical and technical skills, social and professional skills, especially designed to develop their employability skills. These courses aim to help the students strike the right balance by imparting the soft skills which is essential for career success. It hones their skills to do better in selection process that gives them an edge over others and increase the scope of their employability. It also help them to perform better in their professional career.


JBS offers its students the opportunity to get standalone certifications across several areas. In the past years, students have been certified in the area of Equity Trading and Investment, by the ICICIdirect Center for Financial Learning. Several students have also secured certifications in Online Marketing Fundamentals from Google.

Master of Business Administration With Specialization in Hospital and Healthcare Management

The emerging requirement of the Healthcare sector during the pandemic showed the gaps in managing patients and support services. This course is designed and developed in association with Jaypee Hospitals to prepare management graduates / healthcare professionals to manage one of the five pillars to human existence.
The two-year specialized program provides an overview of the hospital eco-system and facilitates administration and management of the healthcare system.
The objectives of the program are to:

  • understand the health management challenges and discuss the frameworks for finding an effective solution.
  • deliver insights into the health care institutions’ governance and organization structure.
  • develop in students/ professionals understanding about the functioning of various health care service providers and significance of social and preventive health.
  • To develop an understanding of various managerial aspects like organizational behaviour, health communication, human resource management, finance, operation, analytics and research in the healthcare sector.
  • To encourage innovation and entrepreneurship in the healthcare sector.

Eligibility: Graduation (in any discipline) from a recognized University with min 50% marks; B. Tech (Biotech), B.Sc. (Nursing) and B. Pharma & MBBS, B.D.S and graduation degrees in allied disciplines. Candidates with experience in the hospital and healthcare sector.

Admission Process: Group Discussion, Personal Interview and Writing Assessment. Relaxation in Admissions Criteria may be given to B. Tech (Biotech), B.Sc. (Nursing) and B. Pharm & MBBS and BDS graduation degrees.

Master of Business Administration with Specialization in Education Management

The growing needs and challenges of the education sector with implementation of NEP 2020 has resulted in the shift from conventional knowledge transfer to skill development among students. The transformation in the teaching-learning process requires resources as well as ensuring quality of education. The two-year full-time program in Education Management is designed to prepare management graduates with the knowledge and skills required to manage educational institutions. It is also beneficial to experienced teachers in academic roles to take on leadership roles in the institutions.
The objectives of the program are to:

  • impart experiential learning to teachers and professionals to take up leadership roles in the Education Sector.
  • acquaint them with all functional areas and contemporary teaching practices for effective management of an educational institute.analytics and research in the healthcare sector.

Eligibility: Graduation (in any discipline) from a recognized University with teaching and administrative experience in educational Institutes (3 to 5 years) / Edupreneurs.

Admission Process: Group Discussion, Personal Interview and Writing Assessment. Relaxation in Admissions Criteria may be given to M Ed, B.Ed., and Administrative Officers in Educational Institutes.

JBS offers Major and Minor specialisations across the following domains*

  • Marketing Management
  •   InformationTechnology & Business
  • Financial Management
  • Financial Service
  • Operaction Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Human Resource Management
  • International Business
  • Hospital and Healthcare Administration
  • Education Management

*The courses offered may change as per the requirements of the industry.